Welcome to HCS International

Consulting on the Automotive Aftermarket Parts Industry, International Sourcing, Ocean- Domestic Freight & Government Affairs

Welcome to HCS International

Consulting on the Automotive Aftermarket Parts Industry, International Sourcing, Ocean- Domestic Freight & Government Affairs

About us


Automotive Aftermarket Parts Industry

Over 45 years of experience in virtually every aspect of the automotive aftermarket parts supply chain, with a proven record of saving companies millions of dollars annually on their international and domestic sourcing.

Known throughout the automotive aftermarket for being one of the most knowledgeable leaders and consultants for ocean and domestic freight.

Significant experience in Trade Policy, Anti-Dumping Duties, Countervailing Duties, Ocean Shipping Issues and Lobbying.

International and Domestic Sourcing

Let us help you increase your EBITDA!

Leverage Our Knowledge Base to Expand Your Sources and Margins!

Over 45 years of experience in virtually every aspect of the automotive aftermarket parts supply chain, with a proven record of saving companies millions of dollars annually on their sourcing, operations and logistics, typically resulting in substantial increases in EBITDA!

Experienced in sourcing for virtually all product categories.  If you're looking to find new sources for current or new products, we have the knowledge and experience to help you meet or exceed your goals.


Ocean And Domestic Freight


Are you really in control of your freight costs?

 Interested in dramatically reducing your ocean and domestic freight costs and increasing your EBITDA?  Whether you are an importer, buying group or a private equity company looking to reduce the freight spend in your various companies, the leading voice in the automotive industry for ocean freight and port issues can help lead the way to lower your freight costs!


Gemini Shippers Group

Representing Gemini Shippers to the Automotive Aftermarket.

Gemini Shippers works similarly to our automotive buying groups.  They leverage the buying power of their membership to get the best ocean shipping rates in the industry.  Members both small and large get to take advantage of these rates.  Let us show you the myriad advantages to this unique and powerful option to managing your ocean freight!


Domestic Small Parcel and Trucking

When it comes to domestic trucking and small parcel, we are here to help.  

We will perform an agnostic review of your freight spend at no cost and advise how we can save your company money and add to the bottom line!  Let us take a deep dive into your freight spend.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Government Affairs


Trade Policy

A leading advocate for the automotive parts industry in Washington for trade policy on Capital Hill, the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission.

Anti Dumping and Countervailing Duties

Led three coalitions in front of the International Trade Commission to reverse onerous Anti Dumping Duties that were harming the automotive parts industry.

Ocean Freight

Led two coalitions to the Federal Maritime Commission to address inequitable policies in the shipping industry that affect importers and exporters alike.  Selected as one of the advisors for the FMC supply chain initiative team.

Experience and the Right Connections

We have the experience and connections to help you find your way through the myriad departments of our government.

Steve Hughes - President/CEO



Steve Hughes has been in the automotive aftermarket industry since 1973, during which time he has worked or consulted for some of the industry's leading companies. In 1987 he founded HCS International, a consulting and sales firm focused on the automotive parts industry. Over the years, HCS has done consulting work for many major automotive parts suppliers, including domestic and international manufacturers.  

In 2006 Mr. Hughes accepted a senior management position at Centric Parts.  During his time at Centric Parts, he served as Vice President in charge of Supplier Development, Governmental Affairs and Logistics and Vice President of Supply Chain. In addition to his other various accomplishments, he implemented cost saving initiatives throughout the company, saving the company millions of dollars and positively impacting EBITDA annually.  

In addition to Mr. Hughes' work at Centric, he has been deeply committed to the international automotive parts industry in their efforts to promote free and fair trade. He has been an active volunteer member of several industry associations, including the Brake Manufacturers Council www.aftermarketsuppliers.org/councils/BMC , the Auto Care Association www.autocare.org , Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association www.mema.org and CAWA www.cawa.org .

Mr. Hughes has also organized and led several industry coalitions in Washington D.C. to provide input on antidumping investigations, even providing key in-person testimony before the International Trade Commission. 

In 2015, Mr. Hughes was appointed to the Department of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative Industry Trade Advisory Committee (ITAC 2) for the automotive industry. http://ita.doc.gov/itac/committees/itac02.asp ITAC committees provide detailed policy and technical advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Commerce and the United States Trade  Representative regarding trade barriers, negotiations of trade agreements and implementation of existing trade agreements affecting industry sectors and perform other advisory functions relevant to U.S. trade policy matters.  http://ita.doc.gov/itac/index.asp

In 2014 and 2015, Mr. Hughes was instrumental in assisting the automotive industry with closely monitoring labor negotiations and the port disruptions at West Coast ports and helping collect key data on the negative impact of those slowdowns on the industry. He also formed and led the industry in meeting with the Federal Maritime Commission www.fmc.gov in June 2015 to express industry concerns about the unfair application of demurrage/detention. In recognition of this work, Mr. Hughes was awarded the AIA Peter Klotz Person of the Year for 2015.

Mr. Hughes led another industry delegation in 2016 to the FMC to discuss concerns regarding the unfairness of PierPass. In April of 2016 he was selected to be one of 35 representatives from major companies to participate in the FMC Supply Chain Innovations Initiative. The FMC Innovations Initiative is a task force of supply chain leaders challenged to help identify and develop actionable supply chain process innovations and improvements that would lead to greater national supply chain reliability and effectiveness at the nation's ports. Given the above, Mr. Hughes has been the de facto leading voice for the automotive aftermarket industry trade associations regarding ocean freight. 

Mr. Hughes is on the Executive Board of Directors of the Foreign Trade Association. www.foreigntradeassociation.com He is also chairman of the International Trade Committee and a member of the executive leadership council for the Import Vehicle Community for the Auto Care Association  and chairman for the Public Affairs Committee for CAWA.  

In 2017 Mr. Hughes returned to the private sector and re-established HCS International as a consulting firm specializing in advising the automotive industry on international sourcing, helping companies understand and reduce their shipping costs and government and trade issues.  


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